Mathew G. White

Lead Design/CAD Manager



Associate of Arts -- Central Arizona College
AutoCAD Users Group International


Mr. White is responsible for generating construction plans with AutoCAD version 2002/Map-5, using Eagle Point 2002 civil design software.  Mr. White is also involved in some aspects of project management on several of our projects. Mr. White maintains and upgrades all in-house hardware and software.  He is skilled in the use of Microsoft's 'Office' package, which includes Word, Excel, Publisher and PowerPoint, Outlook and FrontPage. Mr. White is also involved in maintaining and updating Smith-Western Engineering, Inc.'s extensive libraries of FAA Advisory Circular and various City Construction Standards, including Austin and Cedar Park, and Georgetown, as well as keeping abreast of the latest changes to design specifications as they apply to design and construction. Mr. White is a subscriber and contributor to several on-line newsgroups which deal with the details of the computer aided design processes and software.


Marshall Harrison County Airport

Fort Stockton Pecos County Airport

Palacios Municipal Airport

Kate Craddock Field Burnet Municipal Airport

C. David Campbell Field Corsicana Municipal Airport

Coulter Field Bryan Municipal Airport

Bay City Municipal Airport

Curtis Field Brady Municipal Airport

Garner Field Uvalde Municipal Airport

Georgetown Municipal Airport

Arlington Municipal Airport

Llano Municipal Airport

Del Rio International Airport

Waco TSTC Airport

Cotulla/LaSalle County Airport



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